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Given the number of tires, wheels and vehicles, it makes sense to buy tire chains online. That’s why Tire Chains Required is one of the largest online tire chain retailers. We have all kinds of tire chain offerings at discounted prices for virtually every vehicle and every type of traction application. Convenient online ordering provides 24 hour access to a plethora of tire chain options.

Aquiline Tire Chains

Tire Chains Required is proud to offer Aquiline Tire Chains within our extensive tire chains offering. Aquiline® Tire Chains provide traction solutions for truck, tractor, grader, and loader applications. Aquiline Talon Tractor, Talon Truck, Talon Grader/Loader, and MPC tire chains feature cross chains manufactured from specially designed alloy steel, which has been case hardened for added durability. Aquiline Tire Chains provide increased traction and safety in the most demanding conditions.

Tire Chains - Predator Square link Alloy

It all begins with steel! Introducing the new gold standard for tire chains; Predator. Nickel, chrome, and manganese are all essential elements for maximum strength and durability. Predator has that and more! Featuring HRC hardness nearly 61 surface, 41 core, with nearly 10% case hardening depth, this chain was specifically designed for the most demanding applications. Then there’s performance! Our unique square link design not only delivers 35% more traction than conventional twist link chain, it normally lasts four times longer. All Predator ™ Square Link tire chains are easily recognized with their distinct gold chromate colored cross chains. Predator truck tire chains chains come standard with cam style side chain for easy tightening and boomer end fasteners. Predator is also available for Graders, Loaders, and skid steers.

Tire Chains - Multi Purpose

Multi Purpose tractor tire chains are the ideal solution when clearance is a problem and excellent traction is needed. MPC tractor tire chains are aggressive, giving the great traction needed for snow removal without damaging the asphalt. Featuring a square link with wear bars and manufactured from hardened steel alloy, MPC tractor tire chains are not only durable and light weight, their box pattern design will not fall down between the tire lugs which can reduce traction. MPC tractor tire chains are ideal for use with compact tractors, skid steers and agricultural applications.

Tire Chains - Truck tire chains

Truck tire chain solutions offering V-Bar Reinforced for traction on snow and ice, Square Link Alloy with cam tighteners, Mud Service, Highway Twist Link tire chains and studded steel alloy for your most aggressive off road applications.

Tire Chains - Studded Diamond ATV tire chains

These atv tire chains are for the most demanding traction applications. Two robotically welded studs on every other link provide extremely aggressive traction. Diamond pattern allows for a smooth ride. Comes with boomer end fasteners for easy installation and tightening.

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Welcome to Tire Chains Required, home of the Best Tire Chain Prices, quality and service on the internet. We have traction products for all light and heavy duty applications for snow, ice and mud conditions. If you are having a traction problem? We have your solution!